Research and development centers:

Laboratory 1 - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Laboratory 2 - Managua, Nicaragua

Main directions of R&D Laboratory 1

• creation of new high-tech medicinal products using recombinant technology based on E.coli

Main directions of R&D Laboratory 2

• research in epidemiology (study of local zoonotic infections) for the research and development of modern drugs, as well as for timely response to newly emerging zoonotic infections, including BSL3 (PBA II)
• development of de novo recombinant drugs on various platforms (DNA, proteins, protein complexes, pseudoviruses, recombinant viruses, etc.)

The development includes:

• creation of high-yielding producer strains using genetic engineering methods (E.coli, mammalian cell culture)
• development of fermentation schemes for high density producers
• development of the scheme for purification and folding of recombinant products (downstream)
• development of control methods, including to confirm the specific activity of vaccine preparations

Priority areas of research and development:

COVID-19 vaccine

Meningococcal vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine

Tuberculosis allergen (recombinant)

Human papillomavirus vaccine