Working meeting between Vladimir Putin and Veronika Skvortsova

1 March 2021

A working meeting has taken place today between Vladimir Putin and the head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency, Veronika Skvortsova. The FMBA leader informed the President about the results of the agency's work in 2020.

“… And the second moment, if you allow me, - is the development of a new technological platform for the creation of next generation vaccines against COVID. In case if the variation of the virus is such that the accumulated mutation in protein S in the receptor domain will not allow the antibodies to bind, we are developing the vaccine that differs by its influence not on protein S but on other protein components of the virus and first of all it does not cause the development of humoral immunity, that means the activation of antibodies, but the development of cellular immunity, cytotoxic immunity, the priority of which is persistence. Antibodies, as a rule, are maintained for months but cellular immunity - for years and in certain experimental works, their persistence for about 13 - 17 years is proven.

We have just received the first formulation of this pharmaceutical product, candidate product, and currently we are preparing for clinical trials. We hope that by the second half of this year we will launch this process.

Right now this direction follows the international trends. The World Health Organization session dedicated to vaccines, confirmed the tendency for the creation of next-generation vaccines in case the variations in the virus make the usage of antibody-based vaccines less effective. So we hope that we will be fully prepared”, - communicated Veronika Igorevna.