Vaccines research results for influenza prevention of Flu-M line, presented at the NASCI online conference

18 March 2021

Ellina Ruzanova, Head of Trial and Authorization Department, has taken part in the local online research and practice conference on «Preventive vaccination for children and adults».

The conference has been organized by the National Association of the specialists for the Infection Control related to the Healthcare delivery (NASCI).

In her report «Preventive vaccination against influenza in adults and children with the pharmaceutical products produced by the SPbSRIVS» Ellina shared the results of the clinical trials of Flu-M vaccine against influenza in children aged 6 – 17 years as well as adults over 60 years. The data obtained in the study indicates good tolerance, safety and immunogenic properties (level of seroprotection, seroconversion and seroconversion factor) of the Flu-M vaccine after immunization of children and the elderly.

Currently, the approval for the use of the Flu-M vaccine not only among the population aged 18 – 60 years but also in children and in elderly has been issued by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

In addition Ellina has presented the results of clinical trials of the tetravalent vaccine Flu-M Tetra in people aged 18 – 60 years. As part of the pre-registration studies, the safety, the absence of reactogenicity, good tolerability and immunogenicity of the vaccine have been shown. It is expected to obtain the marketing authorization for the tetravalent inactivated vaccine Flu-M Tetra this summer.

The SPbSRIVS is a leading manufacturer of influenza vaccines for the national calendar to preventive vaccinations of the Russian Federation.