Russia to supply a quadrivalent influenza vaccine to Latin America

2 September 2022

The FLU-M Tetra quadrivalent influenza vaccine produced by the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Sera (SPbSRIVS) of the FMBA of Russia is registered in Nicaragua. This is the first Russian vaccine against four influenza virus strains which will be supplied to Latin America. 

   “The high quality of St. Petersburg vaccines has been confirmed twice by independent WHO laboratories, SPbSRIVS products meet all international standards, which makes them in demand abroad. On August 26, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Nicaragua issued a marketing authorization for the FLU-M Tetra quadrivalent influenza vaccine produced by SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia. Obtaining the marketing authorization will allow the company to begin supplies of the vaccine to Latin America this year,” said Veronika Skvortsova, head of the FMBA of Russia.

   Viktor Trukhin, Director of SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia, emphasized that "quadrivalent influenza vaccines are the most in demand globally both in the commercial sector and in the sector of public procurement and procurement of international funds." “Previously, only trivalent FLU-M vaccines were supplied to Latin America, from this year we will be able to meet the needs of the countries of this region for all types of influenza vaccines,” he added.

   SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia is the only full-cycle manufacturer of influenza vaccines that has been supplying its products to non-CIS countries since 2016. The quality and safety of the company's vaccines have been confirmed by two independent laboratories of the World Health Organization.

   FLU-M Tetra for Latin American countries will be produced using raw materials supplied from Russia at the facilities of Instituto MECHNIKOV, the second production site of the St. Petersburg enterprise SPbSRIVS. The project of construction of the immunobiological enterprise of Instituto MECHNIKOV in Nicaragua was implemented by SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia in accordance with the instruction of the President of Russia V.V. Putin. The commercial production of the influenza vaccine was launched in April 2019. Today, Instituto MECHNIKOV is engaged in the formulation, filling, packaging and quality control of influenza vaccines.