Instituto Mechnikov in the top three pharmaceutical enterprises of the Republic of Nicaragua

20 October 2023

According to the published rating of the most attractive employers of the Republic of Nicaragua (EMAT, Empresas más atactivas para trabajar - /), a subsidiary of SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia, located in Managua (Nicaragua), Instituto MECHNIKOV, S.A., entered the top three leaders of the pharmaceutical industry of the country. Among the companies that have won the rating are local DICEGSA and Costa Rican CEFA, which have been operating in the Central American market for more than half a century and firmly occupy leading positions in their market segments.

To recap, the Instituto Latinoamericano de Biotecnología Mechnikov is the only immunobiological enterprise in Central America that carries out the final stages of the production of sterile immunobiological preparations: formulation, quality control, filling, packaging and distribution. The company was established pursuant to an agreement between Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. The company began production of commercial series of vaccines for the prevention of influenza in 2019.

Today, the company supplies vaccines for the prevention of influenza ("Flu-M", "Flu-M Tetra"), coronavirus infection ("Convacel"), as well as a vaccine against human papillomavirus and diagnostic products to Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular, for mass screening of tuberculosis.