FMBA of Russia will supply 3.3 million doses of influenza vaccine to the Republic of Belarus

5 July 2023

In June of this year, the state commercial and industrial Republican unitary enterprise "BELFARMATSIYA" signed a contract for the supply of 3.3 million doses of Russian influenza vaccine produced by the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums of the FMBA of Russia (SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia). The vaccine produced in the Russian Federation under the trademark "FLU-M" will be used for routine vaccination within the framework of the national vaccination schedule of the Republic of Belarus.

The vaccines manufactured by SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia differ from analogues in full compliance with international recommendations on the content of the active ingredient (at least 15 µg of each strain of the virus) and the absence of adjuvants. Its own unique technology for the production of influenza vaccines from the strain to the finished product allows SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia to achieve unsurpassed purification of antigens, in which, for example, the content of ovalbumin (the main allergen of chicken protein) is in the range of 1-2 ng / dose, which is 500-1000 times less than in analog preparations.

"The quality of influenza preparations of the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums of the FMBA of Russia has been repeatedly confirmed by specialized laboratories of the EAEU countries, as well as laboratories of the World Health Organization. Our vaccines have been supplied to non-CIS countries since 2016, and to the Republic of Belarus since 2023," said Viktor Trukhin, Director of the SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia. 

Today, flu vaccines of the SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia are registered and successfully used in EAEU countries and abroad, particularly in Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. The production of influenza vaccines is certified according to the GMP requirements of the Russian Federation, Iran, Cuba. In 2022, a certificate of compliance with HALAL requirements was obtained.